Water Quality and Ecological Health Monitoring

Water Quality and Ecological Health Monitoring

Council has established comprehensive ecological health monitoring programs for all its waterways. These programs help to understand past and current condition, identify where we need to focus our management actions and determine long-term trends in water quality and ecological health.

Sampling is undertaken by scientists throughout the year at a number of representative sites. Data is collected on site condition, water chemistry, nutrient concentrations and a range of biological indicators which tell us about the health and resilience of each area.

The first combined report card for the Central Coast Local Government Area has been released and includes Southern Lake Macquarie, Tuggerah Lakes, Brisbane Water and the coastal lagoons – providing a much clearer picture of our entire waterways network. 

The 2017-18 report tells us:

  •  Brisbane water estuary is generally considered excellent, with results declining in sites where the creeks enter the estuary
  •  Water quality throughout the Tuggerah Lakes estuary was generally good, with a pocket of fair results for Budgewoi lake and some excellent results at The Entrance, Canton Beach and Chittaway Bay
  •  The water quality in our southern Lake Macquarie sites is excellent
  •  Our coastal lagoons vary from excellent at Cockrone Lagoon to very poor at Avoca lagoon.

Council uses this information to help guide our management decisions and identify areas where more detailed catchment audits are required.


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