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The Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan

The right management requires both knowledge and commitment. Based on nine years of extensive scientific research and thorough community consultations, in 2006, the former Wyong Shire Council formulated the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan (TLEMP). Its primary goal is to protect the health and sustainability of our waterways. 

The TLEMP identifies priorities, costs and timeframes for all operations within the estuary. The plan incorporates the social, economic and environmental values of Tuggerah Lakes, taking into account the views of our local community. Central Coast Council continues to refer back to the TLEMP when developing all of our annual business plans and budgets.

Main Goals for the Management of the Estuary

  • Preserving the quality and quantity of water for the community, and our lakes and rivers;
  • Protecting plants growing along the banks of rivers, lakes and in wetlands, as they form a vital part of our ecosystem;
  • Maintaining the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the lakes;
  • Keeping human activities in check to protect the cultural heritage of the land;
  • Enhancing soil, water and the ecosystem’s health;
  • Safeguarding the social and economic needs of the community while preserving the vulnerable environment of the coastal zone;
  • Continually improving our knowledge of the estuary and incorporating this knowledge into the management of our waterways.

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

Since 2006, Council has received $30.95 million in federal grant funding to implement the detailed vision of the plan. Each year, we have invested a further $5 million back into the estuary improvement projects.

Central Coast Council, our project partners and various community groups have delivered a vast range of programs and actions to ensure the health of our waterways. The work includes: streambank rehabilitation, upgraded catchment land management, stormwater improvements, wetland and saltmarsh restoration, foreshore and recreational upgrades, better wrack management, as well as in-depth research and water quality monitoring projects. These tasks align with the priority programs identified in the TLEMP, and their overarching goal is to sustain the long-term health of the estuary.

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