Long Jetty boat shed with a beautiful sunset

The Health of Our Estuaries

The health of our waterways is vital to the proper functioning of the entire catchment ecosystem. To manage the estuaries well, we need to consider the range of threats that can impact on water quality, ecology and human use and work to balance these in a sustainable way.

a bridge over water
The right management requires both knowledge and commitment. Based on nine years of extensive scientific research and thorough community…
beautiful sunset
Enacted in 2016, the Coastal Management Act (CM Act) has provided the statutory framework for the management of coastal environments in NSW…
Council staff working on the lake edge
Prevention is always better than cure. That's why we regularly work with landholders and Local Land Services (LLS) to fence off the creeks…
Dunkey Island
The Waterways Report Card We all want to enjoy the beauty and biodiversity of our waterways. The Central Coast Council is devoted to…

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