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The Central Coast boasts some of Australia’s most spectacular lakes, estuaries, beaches and many other unique natural wonders.

Our catchments are traversed by a variety of different waterways - from the southern shores of Lake Macquarie and the valleys and floodplains of Tuggerah Lakes to the delicate coastal lagoons, rugged Brisbane Water and the shores of the mighty Hawkesbury - the Central Coast’s waterways are extensive and unique. They connect our natural landscapes, carrying water from the catchments to the coast and supporting a range of important environmental, social and cultural values and uses. The health and beauty of our waterways is vital to our region’s strong tourism industry and our local identity.

While exploring the waterways, you can take part in many free and fun activities: water-skiing, canoeing, sailing, rowing and windsurfing, bird-watching, fishing, walking and cycling. The diverse natural environment offers many opportunities to ‘meet’ unique native wildlife, such as a blue-tongue lizard or a long-necked turtle. Lucky visitors may also spot a reclusive platypus or a sleepy koala.

There are lots of amazing things to explore across our beautiful region. Find out what you can see and do here.

Bird Watching
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Explore our pathways
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The Tuggerah Lakes' biodiversity
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Over 200 animal and plant species in the Tuggerah Lakes catchment are categorised as ‘threatened, vulnerable and endangered’. Their…

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