Explore our pathways

Explore our pathways

Walking and cycling are both great ways of improving health and enhancing wellbeing. The coastal zone offers many shared pathways for locals and tourists to enjoy. Modernised, wide lanes boast scenic views of the waterways and can be used by walkers, cyclists, parents with prams, as well as community members in wheelchairs or those using other mobility aids. The parks, kids’ playgrounds, toilets, picnic and barbecue areas are all located along these pathways, making them family-friendly and all-age appropriate. Here, everyone can enjoy different local experiences – from pelican feeding, picnics on the foreshores or pet walking to practising outdoor yoga or fitness. Along the way, you can also find the wildlife habitats of insects, birds, fish and small mammals.

Porters Creek Wetland Virtual Tour

Explore our new immersive, interactive 360 degree virtual reality experience. Go behind-the-scenes  on a tour of Porters Creek Wetland to learn about the Central Coast’s largest freshwater wetland and perhaps plan your school excursion. Best viewed through virtual reality glasses but can also be viewed from any device with the Google Chrome internet browser.


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