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Love Our Waterways

Leonardo da Vinci said once that water is the driving force of all nature. It can sustain life by its influence on our natural environment: soil, plants and animals. It’s also the source of human livelihood because it supports our households, families and businesses and fuels many industries, including agriculture and manufacturing. Conserving and maintaining water quality is especially important for Australians because ours is the world’s driest inhabited continent.

The Central Coast's waterways belong to all of us. That’s why everyone has a role in protecting such a great natural area – for both ourselves and future generations.

Have you ever wondered whether you could change the world by taking only a few little steps? Central Coast Council has gathered simple tips for how everyone can help bring about positive change to our environment. Whether you live on the Central Coast or are just visiting, you’ll keep our beautiful lakes, rivers, shores and beaches clean and healthy if you take the following simple actions. Because only by coming together can we protect our fragile ecosystem.

So, let’s learn how to love and cherish our waterways!

Berkeley Vale
Some easy to follow tips to help improve and preserve the quality of our waterways!
Scooping water
The Tuggerah Lakes catchment area has plenty of amazing organisations, activities and events that bring together people who are keen to…
Waterways Kayak Events
Central Coast Council’s environmental-education team organises many fun waterways-related events in which you can learn more about our…
Get involved
Scientists say that most people want to live sustainably but have a hard time taking the necessary steps to do so. Our eco-footprint starts…

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