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Was that a pied oystercatcher, a shining bronze-cuckoo or a pair of bush stone-curlews? Birdwatching is one of life’s most peaceful and relaxing pastimes and many studies prove that it can do wonders for physical and mental wellbeing. For an avid birder, the Central Coast region is a real paradise. It provides a wide variety of bird habitats and has around 420 species to spot. Birdwatching is not only relaxing, but it also promotes the conservation of beautiful native birds. And nowadays, with modern technology like mobile apps, people can record their sightings and contribute to ongoing research.

The Tuggerah Lakes’ Unique Wetlands

The unique natural wetlands of the Tuggerah Lakes and their associated vegetation provide an internationally-recognised habitat for some of Australia’s most important bird species. The natural environment of the estuary has been declared “an Important Bird Area”, which means it has been globally recognised as critical for the survival of a significant number of bird species. A birdwatcher’s paradise!

Important Bird Areas

Important Bird Areas, commonly referred to as IBAs, are the sites of global bird conservation significance found all over the world. Conserving these special zones is extremely important for the long-term survival of key species. Tuggerah Lakes is one of 45 IBAs in NSW and the ACT.

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