Umina Beach

Umina-Ocean Beach Erosion Management Strategy

Ocean/Umina Beach is located in Broken Bay at the southern end of the Central Coast Local Government Area.  The sedimentary system within Broken Bay is extremely complex manifesting in medium to long term periods of cyclical beach erosion and accretion which appear to correlate with the ""wet"" and ""dry"" phases of various climate cycles.  During extended periods of erosion the integrity and stability of The Esplanade is often compromised and historically this has been managed through implementing ad hoc protection and beach scraping.

This project aims to set the direction for the long term management of coastal hazards within this embayment in accordance with the Gosford Beaches Coastal Zone Management Plan.  There are two aspects being investigated:

  1. Nourishment of the beach utilising sand from the Ettalong Shoal offshore of Half Tide Rocks; and,
  2. Terminal protection of The Esplanade between Ocean Beach SLSC and Koorung Street boat ramp.
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