Tuggerah Lakes Saltmarsh and Foreshore Bushland Rehabilitation

Protection, conservation and rehabilitation of important catchment and foreshore habitats is part of the ongoing management program for Tuggerah Lakes. 
In addition to their habitat value, foreshore bushland provides important habitat connectivity, aesthetic value and shade. Saltmarshes and gently graded foreshores have been shown to improve intertidal connectivity, allow seagrass wrack to wash ashore and dry aerobically and reduce the rate of organic enrichment of nearshore sediments. Collectively, these changes reduce the rate of nearshore eutrophication and anaerobic sediment metabolism reducing the very strong hydrogen sulphate (rotten egg gas) smells that are common along degraded shorelines but less so in natural areas.

Protecting these important vegetation communities is an ongoing action of the Estuary Management Plan, with much of this work being made possible through the support of Australian Government funding along with Council contribution to support ongoing maintenance of sites.

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