Saratoga Wetland

Saratoga Wetland Restoration Works

This project aims to restore important estuarine wetland habitats at Saratoga. The work involves control of weed species including Juncus acutus (Spiny Rush), Asparagus weeds, Lantana camara (Lantana) and Sicilian Sea Lavender. 

These works are in accordance with the Saratoga Recreation Area and Wetland Plan of Management.

Estuarine wetlands, particularly saltmarsh communities, play an integral role in the ecology of an estuary essentially underpinning the estuarine food web.  Since European settlement in the local area the extent of wetland communites surrounding Brisbane Water has declined significantly.  As such it is essential that remaining areas of wetland are retained and enhanced to ensure the health and vitatilty of the estuary is maintained and/or improved.

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