MacMasters Beach SLSC Revetment

During the significant East Coast Low which impacted the Central Coast in April 2015 a section of foreshore fronting the MacMasters Beach SLSC collapsed prompting concerns that the surf club building and associated alfresco areas were at risk.   MacMasters Beach SLSC is a focal point for the local community and protection of this important community asset is considered to be a high priority.  As such, Council resolved to work in close collaboration with the surf club and other key stakeholders to design a revetment to protect MacMasters Beach SLSC and associated infrastructure. The design will provide for a sloped rock boulder revetment, similar to that constructed at Avoca, which will tie into the natural boulder scree along that section of the beach.  Importantly, the revetment design allows for the retention of the Norfolk Island Pine trees and protects significant Aboriginal Heritage items.

Project Information


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