Avoca Lagoon Green and Golden Bell Frog Investigations

Avoca Lagoon Green and Golden Bell Frog Investigations

This project will provide vital information concerning the population dynamics, distribution and habitat preferences of the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog at Avoca Lagoon and the complex hydrological cycle of the key breeding area known as Bareena Wetland. This information will be used by Central Coast Council to guide habitat restoration works around Avoca Lagoon with the aim of improving the viability of the Green and Golden Bell Frog population and contribute towards the long term goal of improving water quality within the lagoon. This project is funded through the Australian Government's Environment Restoration Fund.

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Have You Seen A Green and Golden Bell Frog?

The green and golden bell frog (Litoria aurea) is a large frog with smooth green skin patterned with gold or metallic brown blotches. Their thighs are electric blue and they have a creamy-white stripe that runs behind their eye, over their ear and towards their hind legs. They are usually found in swamps, dams and ponds with dense vegetation in and around the water.

The green and golden bell frog is Endangered in NSW and now exists in small, isolated populations mostly along the coast as a result of disease, habitat loss and invasive predators. One of these locations is at Avoca Lagoon, right here on the Central Coast!

Central Coast Council has teamed up with scientists at the University of Newcastle to understand more about this important population of green and golden bell frogs. We are trying to find out where the frogs live and breed. Some people have reported them in their backyard. We will monitor the population for the next three years to develop long-term management strategies to protect this endangered species. 

How to get involved

  • You can get involved and help us to learn more about the Green and Golden Bell Frog population by:
  • Joining our iNaturalist group ‘Central Coast Bell Frogs’ to record any frog sightings or calls near you.
  • Getting in touch with us if you suspect you have bell frogs breeding in your backyard.
  • Attending our evening community field survey events to help us monitor the bell frog population.

    Register your interest on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email councils Estuary Management Officer Warren Brown: Warren.Brown@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au


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